NaturAll Club Crossword

  1. 2. Our SHE-EO's first name.
  2. 5. The platform our CEO used to document her all-natural product challenge.
  3. 7. Your hair's ability to absorb and retain moisture is called ____.
  4. 8. What is the top tier of our Avocado Rewards Program.
  5. 9. How long did our CEO embark on an all-natural product challenge after cutting her hair in 2012? (Hint: spell numbers out!)
  6. 10. The country our CEO traveled to for hair product inspiration.
  7. 11. NaturAll Club's first product.
  8. 12. NaturAll ____ is where you can find our Revitalizing CBD Collection.
  9. 13. The city where our fulfillment center is located.
  1. 1. True or false: Those with protein-sensitive hair should remove protein from their regimens entirely.
  2. 3. What was our latest product launch?
  3. 4. What do our hats say?
  4. 6. You are eligible for subscriber giveaways after your ____ subscription renewal.
  5. 10. Our second product launch in October 2017 (Hint: the answer is not the complete name of the product.)