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  1. 2. __ often begin in the mountains and end in the ocean. The Nile is the longest in the world.
  2. 5. Many animals __ more than usual during the winter. This is called ‘hibernation.’
  3. 9. The tallest __ in the world is called Everest. It is almost 9,000 meters tall.
  4. 10. The ocean is always moving. Sometimes there are big __ that surfers enjoy riding, but they can be dangerous.
  5. 11. Butterflies and mosquitoes are both __.
  6. 12. The __ is the brightest thing in the sky at night.
  1. 1. The largest __ in the world are in California. Some of them are more than 70 meters tall.
  2. 3. Hawaii was formed by __. Some of them are still active. You can see the bright red lava flowing down the mountain.
  3. 4. Most of the life on Earth lives in the __. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of trash.
  4. 6. There is __ at the top of Mount Fuji for most of the year.
  5. 7. Many snakes have __ that they use to protect themselves or catch food. It can be dangerous if they bite you.
  6. 8. If you look in the sky after a rain storm, you might be able to see a __.