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  1. 2. A plant that is smaller than a tree.
  2. 6. An area of water surrounded by land.
  3. 7. A tall plant that is made from wood and has branches.
  4. 9. The invisible gas that your breathe.
  5. 13. A long thin plant that grows across the ground or up things.
  6. 15. The darkness produced when something blocks sunlight.
  7. 16. The hard solid stuff that the Earth is made from.
  8. 18. An area of land that rises much higher than its surroundings.
  9. 20. A very hot and very dry area covered with sand.
  10. 22. The physical world and everything in it.
  11. 24. The salt water that covers the Earth´s surface; bigger than a sea.
  12. 25. The tiny pieces of rock that cover the beach.
  13. 26. A small stream.
  14. 29. A poetic name for the sky above.
  15. 30. The round silver thing in the night sky.
  16. 31. An open area without trees or buildings.
  17. 34. Where birds lay their eggs and care for their babies.
  18. 35. Small pieces of rock.
  19. 36. A Heavy section of a tree that has fallen down.
  1. 1. The round yellow thing in the sky.
  2. 3. A hollow place in the ground.
  3. 4. The salt water that covers the Earth´s surface; smaller than an ocean.
  4. 5. The Earth and all the people in it.
  5. 8. A natural flow of water that crosses the land.
  6. 10. A natural flow of water; smaller than a river but bigger than a brook.
  7. 11. An area of land surrounded by water.
  8. 12. The solid part of the Earth; a large area of ground.
  9. 14. Land that is outside of cities and towns.
  10. 17. The surface of the earth.
  11. 18. A flat are of land covered with tall grass.
  12. 19. Part of a tree that grows from the trunk.
  13. 21. The little object from which a plant grows.
  14. 23. Moving water raised above the earth.
  15. 27. The part of a plant that grows underground.
  16. 28. The clear, tasteless liquid that we drink.
  17. 32. Loose earth or soil.
  18. 33. A rounded area of land that is higher than its surroundings.