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  1. 1. a cold element falling from the sky, when it´s snowing
  2. 5. a loud bang that comes with thunder
  3. 8. something you can´t see through, but can diseppear
  4. 9. a huge wave that can be caused by earthquake
  5. 10. a severe version of storm with thunder and lightnings
  6. 11. it falls from the sky, when it´s raining
  7. 12. you can easily slip on this, mostly if it´s freezing
  1. 2. a huge slide of snow, that can happen in moutains
  2. 3. when the sun is shining, you can feel this on your face
  3. 4. you can´t see the sun through them on the sky
  4. 6. it can be a severe injury in winter if you won´t keep yourself warm
  5. 7. a dangerous situation when the whole ground is shaking