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  1. 2. i shine at night and many people believe i am made of cheese
  2. 4. i fly and i chirp
  3. 5. when you come to visit me dont forget your swimsuit and a volleyball
  4. 6. i am brown and when it rains i become mud
  5. 7. i am tall and green up the top
  6. 8. i am everywhere and my colour is green
  7. 12. admire me from a far because my waters fall continuously
  8. 14. i am bright too bright for the naked eye
  9. 15. i slither but beware and stay away because i bite
  10. 16. my petals are red but my stem is green
  1. 1. different shades of me decorate the sky
  2. 3. i light up the sky when i strike
  3. 5. i will flutter around you and i come in a variety of different colours
  4. 9. i mark the beginning of a new day
  5. 10. when the rain passes i come out to shine
  6. 11. i fall when autumn comes around
  7. 13. i am very hot during the day time but when night falls i am freezing
  8. 14. i am big and blue