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  1. 1. action from plate tectonics pushes these up
  2. 3. the start of school, changing colors of the trees
  3. 5. this is made of decomposed trees, plants, worn down rocks
  4. 9. the shine of the sun
  5. 11. April showers bring May....
  6. 13. sudden drop, or fall, of water down a hill
  7. 15. i'm surrounded by water on every side
  8. 16. hot weather, popsicles, vacations, sleeping-in
  9. 17. what we call energy from oil, coal, and natural gas
  10. 18. millions of years of crushed rock; we love to put our toes in it
  1. 2. you do this or you move, adapt, or die
  2. 4. means heat of the earth
  3. 6. some folks have millions of these tiny plants in their yard
  4. 7. heavy condensation, sometimes falls in buckets! without it, we die
  5. 8. warming of the earth's surface, too fast for adaptation
  6. 10. blocked the Reeds and the Donners from Sutter's Fort
  7. 12. needed to make a turbine move, when there's no water or steam
  8. 14. caused by light traveling through tiny drops of water