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  1. 5. experience smth, especially problems or opposition
  2. 8. small animals, birds, and insects that are harmful
  3. 10. noticed but not listened to, accepted, or believed
  4. 11. reduce the amount of smth that is present or available
  5. 14. make smth or smb extremely thin from lack of food or illness
  6. 17. exist in a way that may cause a problem, danger, difficulty etc
  7. 18. spreads in different directions over a wide area
  8. 20. make someone ill and weak
  9. 21. extremely worried and frightened about a situation, so that you cannot control
  10. 23. severely and violently damage someone’s body, esp. by cutting or removing part of it
  11. 24. a very bad situation that someone is in
  12. 27. type of animal or plant that does not exist anymore
  1. 1. to say publicly that someone is not guilty or responsible for smth
  2. 2. when unwanted things or people spread over in great numbers
  3. 3. go into a place in large numbers, especially when you are not wanted
  4. 4. expect or ask someone to do smth for you when this is not convenient
  5. 6. to protect smth and prevent it from changing or being damaged
  6. 7. cover an area with a large amount of water
  7. 9. make a situation or the condition of smth worse
  8. 12. an animal’s baby or babies
  9. 13. extremely serious or terrible
  10. 15. extremely unpleasant or of very bad quality
  11. 16. able to produce babies, young animals, or new plants
  12. 19. damage smth very badly or completely
  13. 22. occurring again periodically or repeatedly
  14. 25. able to continue without causing damage to the environment
  15. 26. relating to birth