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  1. 4. an animal without a back bone
  2. 6. a group of similar living organisms
  3. 7. the natural environment for a species
  4. 9. when an animal preys on another animal
  5. 10. the rising and falling of the sea
  6. 11. a range of different species with an environment
  7. 12. a variety of methods that animals use to move such as swimming and jumping
  1. 1. when a species is introduced to an area
  2. 2. an area of muddy land exposed during low tide
  3. 3. when an animal sheds its skin to make way for new growth
  4. 4. an area of sea shore that is covered by water during high tide and exposed during low tide
  5. 5. where fresh water meets salt water
  6. 8. the preservation of an animal, plant or land area