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  1. 2. a food group that grows on trees, and has seeds inside
  2. 4. a large underground chamber that can extend far underground, and can include cool things inside such as crystals
  3. 6. a landform rising high above its surrounding terrain
  4. 7. the king of the jungle
  5. 10. water vapor that floats high in the sky
  6. 13. an electrical storm where light and sound are present
  7. 14. a nice vacation spot with a sandy shore
  8. 15. a natural stream of water that flows into another natural water source
  9. 16. a track or unpaved road usually used for hiking
  10. 17. a low area between hills or mountains
  11. 19. frozen water from the clouds that falls down in a crystal-like form
  12. 20. a place where lots of woody plants accumulate, and lots of animals tend to live
  1. 1. a woody plant that provides oxygen and stores carbon dioxide
  2. 3. a very diverse place found in tropical areas with a variety of wildlife such as sloths,toucans,frogs, and more
  3. 5. a sweet, sticky substance made by insects, collected from nectar from flowers
  4. 8. a barren landscape where there is little rainfall, hot climate, and rough conditions for any life there
  5. 9. a slow moving mass of snow accumulated from snow on mountains
  6. 11. a stripy creature that flies around and pollinate flowers
  7. 12. a mountain or hill which has a vent where a hot substance erupts out of at a certain period in time
  8. 14. a warm blooded, egg laying creature with wings
  9. 18. something that can be revealed on a dark night, which twinkle from above