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Nature Coding

  1. 1. There's a guy laying on the grass that looks like he needs help. He's not moving. (ProQA launch nature).
  2. 4. There's a guy in the park flashing people
  3. 5. A man is trying all the door handles on cars in the mall parking lot
  4. 7. My ex won't let me pick up my kids after his visitation
  5. 13. I just heard a noise outside my bedroom window. It's dark out there, but I thought I saw a shadow.
  6. 14. There's a car that's been sitting outside my house for an hour with a creepy guy in it.
  7. 15. Extra Patrols, after Sgt. approval, are added to this type of call.
  8. 16. The neighbors upstairs are playing music loud and jumping around.
  9. 17. My ex's new boyfriend's brother's neighbor's friend won't stop calling me.
  10. 18. My house is filled with smoke.
  11. 20. The dumpster at my apartment complex is on fire
  12. 22. This is Deputy Jones from the jail. We're letting out a suspect in a domestic from your city.
  13. 24. My sister is supposed to be looking after my 85 year old father, but he's living in squalor and she's trying to get him to sign over all his accounts to her.
  14. 25. This is John from Macy's Loss Prevention. I had a juvenile in custody for stealing some clothes.
  15. 27. There's a 3 year old kid walking down the middle of my street. I asked him where his parents are and he doesn't know.
  16. 30. I need an officer to go with me so I can pick up my stuff.
  17. 31. I just caught a guy in my garage trying to steal my lawnmower. He ran away.
  18. 32. A customer in my business is yelling at everyone in the store and telling people I'm a crook.
  1. 2. I just arrived at my business, and the back door is wide open
  2. 3. My son that ran away a week ago has returned home. He's fine.
  3. 6. My son was beat up on his way home from school. No medical needed, no weapons used, no suspect info.
  4. 8. I think my brother took too much tylenol (ProQA launch code)
  5. 9. This is ADT security reporting a panic alarm at a residence.
  6. 10. There's a semi on fire on Hwy 89.
  7. 11. I just found my brother hanging in the shed. (ProQA launch code)
  8. 12. My mom and dad are fighting right now.
  9. 18. I found several boxes of old ammunition in my garage.
  10. 19. I loaned my car to my friend and he won't give it back.
  11. 21. A bunch of teenagers are fighting in the street outside my house right now.
  12. 23. There's a drunk guy sitting on the curb in front of my business yelling at people.
  13. 25. A guy just came in with a gun and stole all my money out of my register
  14. 26. This is Mary from Maverik, reporting a beer run. They just ran out and are getting into a car.
  15. 28. A man just got in a car at the gas station. He had been stumbling and drinking out of a beer bottle.
  16. 29. There's been a really bad accident at Cherry and 89. Someone has to be hurt!