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  1. 4. You walk along this.
  2. 6. You can do sports like jet-skiing on this.
  3. 7. This is very hot and dangerous.
  4. 9. It's got lots of trees.
  5. 11. In a storm you can see this.
  6. 12. It's a semi-circle and there are lots of colours.
  7. 16. It's the opposite of the sun.
  8. 17. There are lots of them in the sky.
  9. 18. This is water that goes from the mountain to the sea.
  1. 1. This falls from the sky when there are grey clouds.
  2. 2. It's very dark inside this. Bats live here.
  3. 3. When the sea isn't calm there are these. You need them for surfing.
  4. 5. These are small mountains.
  5. 7. It's green and has grass. Animals live in it.
  6. 8. It's very big. In the winter there's snow on top of it.
  7. 10. If it's very cold you can see this on the floor. It's white.
  8. 13. It's a big sea e.g. the Pacific / Atlantic
  9. 14. It's like a lake, but smaller.
  10. 15. It's very hot here. There's no water.