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  1. 2. pass out to become unconscious for a short time
  2. 3. of thunder deep noise
  3. 5. bright light and warmth that comes from the sun when the weather is fine and there no clouds
  4. 8. an activity in which a large number of people are asked what they think about something or how they will vote in an election
  5. 9. deliberately causing suffering to other people or animals
  6. 10. a clear way of understanding something
  7. 12. the ceremony that takes place when someone who has recently died is put into the ground, or when their body is burned
  8. 14. large amounts of water pouring into an area,
  9. 15. a small part of a plant that grows into a new plant when it is in the soil
  10. 16. be blown down when smth collapses or is destroyed by very strong winds in a storm
  11. 22. unable to move or stop watching because smth is amazing
  12. 25. someone who keeps animals and produces and sells young animals
  13. 27. sufficient to cause death
  14. 30. (prep) happening all around at the same time; having people all around you.
  15. 31. a sheet of glass at the front or back of a car that the driver can see through
  16. 33. people (places) show culture and good standards of behaviour because they belong to an advanced and well developed society
  17. 34. an amount of money that a government pays in order to help a producer sell goods at a lower price and still have a profit
  18. 35. (of a plant) the parts under the ground that send food up to the plant above the ground/ (of a person) the place, culture, and family that they come from
  19. 36. lightning lightning that splits into two
  20. 37. the loud noise that you hear in the sky during a storm
  1. 1. (relationship) a lot of arguing and disagreement btw people
  2. 4. a problem or an issue that people cannot agree about
  3. 5. the long thin part of a plant that a flower grows on
  4. 6. money that you get from someone after they die
  5. 7. rot to decay through natural processes
  6. 8. a living thing such as a tree or bush that grows out of the ground
  7. 11. an activity is the fact of their taking part in it
  8. 12. a thick cloud that forms close to the ground
  9. 13. come off (the road) to move onto the special road to leave the motorway/loose control and go onto the pavement or side of the road
  10. 15. become extremely wet
  11. 17. behaviour that deliberately tries to frighten someone, often in order to make them do something they do not want to do
  12. 18. something difficult or dangerous that you do because someone has challenged you to do it
  13. 19. idea or action is one that comes at the beginning of a situation, and which later changes
  14. 20. being unable to get away even though you want to
  15. 21. the quality or state of being different or diverse
  16. 23. a very sudden and bright light which appears and then disappears very quickly
  17. 24. the quality and behaviour involved in being brave
  18. 25. the flowers that grow on trees before the fruit develop; also about people, career etc.
  19. 26. the sky
  20. 28. a situation in which people feel embarrassed because they think something is wrong but they do not know exactly what
  21. 29. a wrong or mistaken idea about something
  22. 32. when smth continues all the time without a pause