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New Caledonia

  1. 3. Worshippers of Dúr might feel closest to their god in The _________.
  2. 4. Caledonians possessing similar skills or interests may form a collective known as a _____.
  3. 5. The number of days guests are allowed to visit New Caledonia without seeking Valar approval.
  4. 9. The "Queen of the Moon" is more commonly known by this rank title.
  5. 10. This old god of the Lowlands is symbolized by such things as thorns, circles, trees, and crows.
  6. 11. The town where members can find the newly-christened Brass Potato.
  7. 12. New Caledonia's territory is known colloquially by its members as the _____.
  1. 1. Another name for the River Valley.
  2. 2. Where Disgraced members are banished to. (2 wds)
  3. 6. Completing this challenge unique to New Caledonia is intended to earn members prestige and renown. (2 wds)
  4. 7. This red-headed pNPC is also known by this nickname.
  5. 8. A District that makes up half of the City Square, Osta represents this value.