1. 2. After winning the Super Bowl, this Kansas City Chief was named Super Bowl MVP
  2. 3. This former player, now retired, is considered the GOAT
  3. 7. This team won the first Super Bowl
  4. 8. This team lost the latest Super Bowl
  5. 9. This former player holds the record for the most receiving yards in a career
  6. 13. In this current free agency, former Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins signed with this team
  7. 14. This player won ROTY this past season
  8. 15. This player is the latest to win NFL MVP
  9. 17. This is the only team to ever have a perfect season
  10. 19. This former player is responsible for the famous "intercepted at the goal line" Super Bowl ending
  11. 20. After running a 4.21 40-yard dash, this prospect broke John Ross' record
  1. 1. Calvin Johnson, a Detroit Lions great, is nicknamed this
  2. 4. This EA video game is named after a former head coach
  3. 5. This team is the latest to join the NFL
  4. 6. The amount of teams that represent a conference in the playoffs
  5. 10. This team won the latest Super Bowl
  6. 11. Now retired, this player is considered the best to have ever done it at his position, he wore 99 on his jersey
  7. 12. This company hosted a Toy Story game this past season
  8. 16. This last year, pop star Taylor Swift entered a relationship with this Super Bowl winning tight end
  9. 18. Tied with the New England Patriots, this historic NFl franchise has a record 6 Super Bowl wins