NFL Draft Picks

  1. 2. Event where draft prospects showcase their skills to teams.
  2. 7. Representative working on behalf of draft prospects.
  3. 9. Initial phase of the NFL Draft, featuring top prospects.
  4. 10. Player refusing to sign a contract after being drafted.
  5. 11. Group of players selected in a particular NFL Draft.
  6. 15. Person announcing draft picks and overseeing the event.
  7. 18. Exchange of draft picks between NFL teams.
  8. 19. First-year player selected in the NFL Draft.
  9. 20. Examination of players' strengths and weaknesses for the draft.
  10. 21. Segment of the draft where teams make selections.
  11. 22. Recognition given to prospects invited to the NFL Combine.
  12. 23. Decorative entrance for drafted players at the draft venue.
  13. 25. The act of choosing a player during the NFL Draft.
  14. 26. List of players closely monitored by NFL teams before the draft.
  15. 27. Late-round or underestimated player who excels in the NFL.
  16. 28. Signal-caller often chosen early in the NFL Draft.
  1. 1. Ranking of draft prospects by talent and position.
  2. 3. Public declaration of a team's draft pick.
  3. 4. Assessment of a player's skills and potential for the NFL.
  4. 5. Display showing the order of selections in the NFL Draft.
  5. 6. Players who do not get selected in the NFL Draft.
  6. 8. Evaluation and assessment of players eligible for the draft.
  7. 12. Sequence in which teams make their selections.
  8. 13. The level of football where most NFL draft prospects play.
  9. 14. Term for a player who has been selected in the NFL Draft.
  10. 16. Team's headquarters during the draft, where decisions are made.
  11. 17. Player viewed as having potential to succeed in the NFL.
  12. 24. Physical tests and exercises conducted at the NFL Combine.