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Nia's Among Us Crossword

  1. 3. not criminal
  2. 4. if you see the dead person you push this button
  3. 6. we start in here first
  4. 8. imposters can use it. It is metal
  5. 9. imposter vent in front of crewmates
  6. 11. the criminal!!
  7. 13. you can see other people do the mission
  8. 14. red button in cafeteria
  1. 1. if the dead person is discovered, everyone says it
  2. 2. it can close the door, and some missions like turning on the light
  3. 5. you can see where they are and can see the killing scene with it
  4. 7. if you do the missions it will appear
  5. 10. in this room you can know how many people are in other rooms
  6. 12. you can see CCTVs in here