Nutrion in plants

  1. 2. example of natural fertilizers.
  2. 4. the mode of nutrition in which an organism makes its own food is called ___________
  3. 7. nutrition
  4. 9. The process by which an organism takes in food and its digestion, absorption, and utilization of the body
  5. 12. Meaning of hetero
  6. 13. Water and minerals absorbed by the roots of plants from the soil through the process of _____________
  7. 14. root Examples of saprophytic nutrition
  8. 15. Auto meaning
  9. 16. whose leaf can perform photosynthesis but has a green pigment
  10. 17. what is the name of the lesson we learned in biology
  11. 18. examples of 2 insectivorous plants
  1. 1. is the process by which green plants make their own food
  2. 3. The mode of nutrition in which the non-green plants obtain their nutrients from dead and decaying organic matter of plants and animals is called ____________________ nutrition
  3. 5. ___________ is a green pigment present in the leaves
  4. 6. Who gave the term photosynthesis
  5. 8. Example of symbiosis relationship
  6. 10. is the mode of nutrition in which an organism can't make food using simple materials found in the environment
  7. 11. the stomata is surrounded by 2 cells called_____________-