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  1. 2. It is an essential nutrient for human body. You can find this substance in meat, eggs, fish and some vegetables. Humans and animals need to eat it because it can help them grow and stay healthy.
  2. 3. They are essential nutrients for human body. People’s organisms need a certain amount of those substance. You can find different kinds of them in variety of food and pills as well.
  3. 7. it can anti rickets; we can get this from proper sunbathing
  4. 9. It is an efficient antioxidant; we usually can find it in oranges
  5. 10. something has no fixed form and can flow
  6. 11. a kind of nutrient which can dissolves in water; is good for cell metabolism
  7. 12. It is an essential trace element in human body. It is an important part of the hemoglobin. We can get this from eating pig livers.
  8. 16. A guide made by Health Canada which recommends a healthy eating habit. If you follow the guide, you will get enough nutrition and reduce the risk of diseases.
  9. 17. something usually uses to strengthen a person's skeleton
  10. 19. exist in most vegetable oil; mostly has no effect on the level of cholesterol in the blood; sometimes can be the alternative of saturated fat
  11. 23. They are a type of food that can replace other food because they contain similar nutrients.
  12. 24. something that makes object work.
  1. 1. a group of un-saturated nutrient; is especially good for immune system and vision
  2. 4. a process that explain the interaction of the nutrients and other substances in food
  3. 5. They are substances which can store energy. You can find those substances in animal livers
  4. 6. a kind of chemical element which is needed by the human body and is the most common dissolved elements in the oceans
  5. 8. They are substances which can provide energy for people. They are consisted of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen atoms. You can find those substances in sugar and bread.
  6. 13. A chemical change that change food into energy in a living organism
  7. 14. they are units which are used to measure food’s energy value.
  8. 15. a naturally occurring chemical compound which is needed by human body
  9. 18. a kind of fat that cannot dissolve more of the same substance
  10. 20. an individual part of a meal
  11. 21. one kind of un-saturated fat; is bad for health; has small quantity in natural fat; widely produced in baked food, frying food and snacks
  12. 22. It is a part of food which can promote digestion. It is mainly contained in vegetables and cereals.