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  1. 4. A vitamin found in food and used as a dietary supplement
  2. 5. A water-soluble vitamin that plays important roles in the organic processes of cells
  3. 9. A kind of chemical reaction in your body that convert food to energy or new cells in your body
  4. 12. A substance we can get mainly from meat to keep our body running and helps us combine the amino acids within the body
  5. 17. An essential kind of nutrient that we can get mainly from dairy products and vegetables to help us convert the food we digest into energy.
  6. 18. A nutritional guide provided by the Canadian health so as to make an adequate pattern for people to stay away from related problems like obesity.
  7. 20. A type of fat that is mainly from milk and meat, less healthier than that from the vegetables.
  8. 23. The substitutes for something
  1. 1. The amount of food for a person for each meal
  2. 2. Silvery white element which is quite important for our body. Salts contain that element
  3. 3. A kind of unsaturated nutritional organic compounds
  4. 6. Element which occurs naturally in blood
  5. 7. A type of fat that is mainly from vegetables and is of great benefit to your body
  6. 8. A kind of molecules consisting of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms
  7. 10. A substance such as tin, salt or Sulphur that is found mainly in rocks or in the earth
  8. 11. A form of polyunsaturated fat that is mainly from oils.
  9. 13. A group of fat-soluble substance in your body which is responsible for increasing absorption of calcium, magnesium and so on
  10. 14. Unit that measures how much energy there is in a particular kind of food
  11. 15. The substances that contain fats, usually insoluble in water
  12. 16. It connects nerve cells within your body and it is which muscle consist of
  13. 19. The process of getting nutrients from food, which is good for your body growth.
  14. 21. This includes water, juice ,and sometimes porridge as well
  15. 22. A soft white element which is found in our bones and teeth. It is essential for helping our bones grow.
  16. 24. What our body needs to maintain physical and mental activities