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  1. 1. Sometimes known as “blood sugar”
  2. 6. Providing all of the essential nutrients, fiber, and energy in amounts sufficient to maintain health
  3. 8. Physically inactive
  4. 10. Sudden tissue death caused by blockages of vessels that feed the heart
  5. 11. the physiological drive for food
  6. 12. Food is broken down into absorbable units
  7. 13. Found in meat, poultry, fish, eggs, milk, nuts, and seeds
  8. 17. A form of carbohydrate found in plant foods that is not digested by the human digestive enzymes
  9. 18. Chemical substances obtained from food and used in the body
  10. 19. Providing foods of a number of types in proportion to each other
  11. 20. The body’s ability to recognize and eliminate foreign invaders, such as bacteria
  1. 2. units by which energy is measured
  2. 3. Condition caused by excess or deficient food energy or nutrient intake, or by an imbalance of nutrients
  3. 4. Higher than normal blood pressure
  4. 5. Providing enough—but not too much—of a substance
  5. 7. The addition to a food of nutrients that were lost during processing
  6. 9. Eating a wide selection of foods within and among the major food groups
  7. 14. Organic, essential nutrients required in small amounts by the body for health
  8. 15. The characteristics that enable to body to perform physical activity
  9. 16. Altered glucose regulation and utilization