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  1. 2. this type of carbohydrate is indigestible and assists in digestion.
  2. 4. this inorganic nutrient is required by the body in small amounts; phosphorous is an example.
  3. 7. substances the body needs to function properly.
  4. 8. these nutrients help protect the body from free radicals.
  5. 10. this type of fat is generally liquid in the refrigerator.
  6. 11. this macronutrient is responsible for the building of muscles and bones.
  7. 12. this organic nutrient is required by the body in small amounts; B 12 is an example.
  8. 13. this disorder is when the body doesn't get enough iron in the blood.
  9. 15. this is an energy unit by which food is measured.
  10. 16. the science of food and how the body uses it.
  11. 17. these type of carbohydrates are when fiber and vitamins are removed; examples are white rice and white bread.
  12. 19. another word for blood sugar.
  13. 20. this type of vegetarian does not eat any animal products or use them.
  1. 1. this macronutrient is an energy source that consists of sugars.
  2. 3. this liquid nutrient is the most essential nutrient that the body needs.
  3. 5. these are the building blocks of protein.
  4. 6. this disease is a condition in which the body has difficulty controlling blood sugar levels.
  5. 9. this type of vegetarian refrains from all animal products except dairy.
  6. 11. these plant-based nutrients help protect the body from chronic diseases.
  7. 14. these types of carbohydrates are more difficult for the body to break down; examples include bread and potatoes.
  8. 18. these types of carbohydrates are easy for the body to digest; examples include table sugar and fruit.