1. 2. The main ingredient in guacamole is
  2. 4. The amount of chambers in the human heart (number)
  3. 6. A combination of breakfast and lunch
  4. 8. Ranks as one of the leading and most popular pizza toppings in the USA
  5. 9. A fruit that comes in shades of red, yellow and green (typically)
  6. 11. An example of a vegetable containing probiotics; other examples outside of this include leeks
  7. 12. butter A food containing carbohydrates, proteins and fats
  8. 15. Non-essential, non-nutritive plant chemicals with protective or disease preventive qualities (produced by plants; plural)
  9. 16. Vitamin A helps with strengthening this
  10. 19. A food that typically never expires
  11. 20. A mineral that is necessary for bones, muscles, teeth and nerves
  12. 22. All sources of this macronutrient break down into the form of glucose
  13. 24. Type of macronutrient; essential for brain repair and maintenance, and aiding in hunger and satiety regulation
  14. 28. Fiber that feeds the bacteria in the gut (plural)
  15. 32. Process of breaking down food; typically takes about 4-6 hours
  16. 33. Unit of energy
  17. 34. An example of a food containing a high amount of vitamin A
  18. 35. This type of fiber moves through the digestive track
  19. 36. Drinking water is important for
  20. 37. The state that produces the most ice cream in America
  1. 1. This type of fiber is known for helping with blood sugar regulation
  2. 3. A potassium containing food
  3. 5. The fattiest organ in the body; containing 60% fat
  4. 7. Live bacteria found in the microbiome- promotes gut health
  5. 10. Basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us
  6. 13. A type of sauce that is green in color and typically comprised of basil, pine nuts and other ingredients
  7. 14. Term for low blood sugar
  8. 17. Lemons and Limes are examples of fruits that come from this type of tree
  9. 18. Month that is declared as "National Ice cream Month"
  10. 19. Term for high blood sugar
  11. 21. An easy to make breakfast meal using a grain, milk and toppings
  12. 23. Four modules of this type of therapy include: mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness
  13. 25. Macronutrient that helps build muscle
  14. 26. A leafy green source containing calcium
  15. 27. Usable energy from carbohydrate sources
  16. 29. The only fruit with seeds on the outside
  17. 30. K Deficiency of this “vitamin” decreases calcium in the bones and affects bleeding and bruising
  18. 31. The key organ in the circulatory system