1. 3. This is made up of the foods you eat and drink.
  2. 5. What is necessary for growth?
  3. 6. What is the process the body uses to break down foods?
  4. 7. This is the process of providing food that you need to help with staying healthy.
  5. 8. This is the process your body uses to make energy from the food you eat.
  6. 10. What is found in wheat?
  7. 11. What are chemical compounds in food to help the body function?
  8. 12. What is the unit of energy in food?
  9. 14. acid This is used for tissue development.
  10. 15. This is an important energy source for living organisms.
  11. 18. What is a waxy substance that's found in the cells of the body?
  12. 19. What is in every living cell in the body?
  1. 1. What is a substance in plants?
  2. 2. glucose This is also known as blood sugar.
  3. 3. What happens when your body does not get enough liquid?
  4. 4. acids What are the building blocks of protein?
  5. 9. These are minerals in body fluids.
  6. 13. What has a sweet taste?
  7. 16. This is one of the main types of nutrients.
  8. 17. What are substances that speed up chemical reactions?