1. 1. the way you see your body
  2. 3. weighing more than healthy for a person of your gender, age, height and body type
  3. 9. balance between calories taken in and used
  4. 10. a method for assessing your body based on height and weight
  5. 11. have a high amount of nutrients related to amount of calories
  6. 12. tough stringy part of raw fruits and vegetables and grains
  7. 15. dairy, fruit, vegetable, protein, and grains
  8. 16. the body's physical need for food
  9. 17. substances in food body needs to function
  10. 18. unit of heat measuring available energy in food
  11. 20. the study of nutrients and how the body uses them
  1. 2. a visual reminder to help consumers make healthful food choices
  2. 4. extreme eating behaviors
  3. 5. is essential to every body function
  4. 6. nutrients promoting normal growth, give energy, and keep skin healthy
  5. 7. the starches and sugars found in foods
  6. 8. weighing less than is healthy for a person of your gender, height, age and body type
  7. 13. elements in food that help the body work properly
  8. 14. compounds that regulate body function
  9. 19. the emotional desire for food