1. 3. ACIDS, Intestinal Juice helps in the breakdown of Fats into ___ & Glycerol.
  2. 5. The unabsorbed food is sent into the large intestine where its wall absorbs more _____ from the material.
  3. 6. _________________ is an essential element used in the synthesis of proteins and other compounds.
  4. 7. Energy derived from the food is stored in the form of ________________ in the Human Body.
  5. 9. Nitrogen is taken up from the atmosphere in the form of inorganic ______________ & Nitrates
  6. 11. Complex Substance have to be broken down into Simpler ones before they can be used for the upkeep and growth of the Body. For this organisms use various _________________.
  7. 12. ______________________ which are not used immediately are stored in the form of Starch, which serve as internal energy reserve to be used as when required by the plant.
  8. 14. The exit of food from the Stomach is regulated by a ________________ muscle, which releases it in small amounts into the small intestine
  9. 17. After we swallow the food, _____________________ is the process which helps to push down the food from Oesophagus to Stomach.
  10. 19. Amar-Bel is an example of _______________________ type of nutition.
  1. 1. __________________ is the process of conversion of light energy into chemical energy and this energy is then used in the splitting of water molecules into Hydrogen & Oxygen.
  2. 2. In Paramoecium which is a unicellular organism, Food is taken in through the movement of _____________ which cover the entire surface of the cell.
  3. 4. AMYLASE, Saliva contains _______________________ that breaks down complex substance - Starch to Simple Sugar called Maltose.
  4. 7. Peristaltic Movements occurs all along the ____.
  5. 8. Desert Plants take up carbon dioxide at night and prepare an ____________________ which is acted upon by the energy absorbed by the Chlorophyll during the day.
  6. 10. INTESTINE, ________________________________ is the site of complete digestion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.
  7. 12. __________________ is the main site of photosynthesis in plants.
  8. 13. JUICE, _________________________ helps to make the medium alkaline for the pancreatic juice to act and helps in Emulsification process.
  9. 15. Hydrochloric Acid helps to make the medium acidic in Stomach to facilitate action of the Enzyme _____________.
  10. 16. _______________ is the largest gland in the Human Body
  11. 18. Herbivores need a ___________________ small intestine to allow the digestion of cellulose.