1. 2. a protein in our blood that carries oxygen around our body.
  2. 6. A part of the nitrogenous organic compound that helps humans and other living things thrive.
  3. 11. an extremely important food for the brain and the main type of sugar in human blood.
  4. 12. a unit of energy used to measure how much energy is in food.
  5. 14. an essential substance that gives nourishment to life.
  6. 15. a form of energy that comes from the sun that gives humans vitamin D.
  7. 17. vitamins and minerals needed in the body taken in large amounts e.g. pasta.
  8. 18. The kind of food that a human or animal consumes on a regular basis.
  9. 20. The process of absorbing or consuming water.
  1. 1. A way of obtaining food to help your body grow and flourish.
  2. 3. Any of a large group of organic compounds found in foods such as sugars or starch.
  3. 4. any nutritious substance that humans need to eat to live.
  4. 5. The chemical processes that occur within an organism to maintain and keep life going.
  5. 7. an important way of exercising the body to use up energy which will help reduce fat.
  6. 8. A group of organic compounds which are important for growth and nutrition to keep healthy.
  7. 9. vitamins and minerals needed in the body taken in small amounts e.g. nuts.
  8. 10. the execution of an action such as a sport.
  9. 13. a colourless liquid essential to human life to keep the body hydrated.
  10. 16. stored up energy in a human's or animal's body creating an oily substance.
  11. 19. The strength required to sustain physical and mental wellbeing and health.