1. 4. Person’s digestive system reacting poorly to specific foods causing stomach discomfort
  2. 7. Solid at room temperature; come from beef, pork and tropical oils; known to cause heart disease
  3. 8. Type of protein that contains all essential amino acids
  4. 10. Help build, repair and replace cells and tissues
  5. 12. Basic unit of energy for our body to use on a daily basis
  6. 14. Most important meal of the day
  7. 15. A person’s immune system reacting poorly to a food they eat resulting in hive or difficulty breathing
  8. 17. Sugars or starches in food that should make up about half of our daily nutrition
  9. 19. The body bringing in and using food
  10. 20. Similar to vitamins; vital for the formation of healthy bones and teeth
  11. 21. Thought to be bad for you, but actually does many important things in the body like transporting vitamins and can be a source of energy
  1. 1. Vitamins A, D, E and K that are stored in the body; too much could be toxic
  2. 2. Lack one or more essential amino acids necessary for breakdown
  3. 3. Need these vitamins daily because they are not stored in the body
  4. 5. Come from a variety of foods and help regulate digestion, absorption and metabolism of other nutrients
  5. 6. Provides the body with long lasting energy; found in whole grains and pasta
  6. 8. Too much of this nutrient could clog arteries
  7. 9. Quick energy for the system, but does not last long; fructose, sucrose, dextrose
  8. 11. All substances that work together to allow the body to grow and repair itself throughout life
  9. 13. E. Coli and Salmonella are a potential cause of this
  10. 16. Healthy fat that is liquid at room temperature, example being vegetable oils
  11. 18. Helpful nutrient that aids the body in getting rid of waste