1. 4. Also called the large intestine and absorbs water and salts.
  2. 5. Metabolism Energy needed to maintain Automatic Processes
  3. 7. Juice Enzyme fluid that breaks down fats and foods and starches
  4. 8. Enzyme contained in saliva which helps to break down food
  5. 12. Thick liquid made from digesting foods
  6. 13. Leading organ that determines how your digestive system works
  7. 16. Juice Acid that dissolves fats into the intestine
  8. 18. The rhythmic movement of muscles
  9. 19. Part of the digestive tract that connects the mouth to stomach
  1. 1. The chemical process of breaking down food
  2. 2. Helps in the absorption of nutrients
  3. 3. An enzyme and stronger form of glucose and energy source
  4. 6. Juices Digestive fluid formed within the inner stomach lining
  5. 7. Helps the body matabolize sugars and some starches
  6. 9. Below the stomach, it digests food and sends messages to the body
  7. 10. Processes The natural or automatic functions performed by the body
  8. 11. Basic fuel and blood sugar for the body
  9. 14. An alkaline fluid green in color that aids in digestion
  10. 15. A watery fluid in your mouth that is needed for digestion to occue
  11. 17. A product when molecules react with oxygen