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nutrition in plants

  1. 3. the structures in cells that contain chlorophyll is called
  2. 4. type of bacteria which converts atmospheric nitrogen into water-soluble compounds .
  3. 6. the components of food such as fats , carbohydrates , proteins , vitamins and minerals are nutrients
  4. 9. nutrition nutrition where plants directly or indirectly get food by dead or decaying matter
  5. 10. provide food to carry out life processes
  6. 12. the mode of nutrition where 2 different organisms work together for their mutual benefit
  1. 1. organisms that live in or on other living organisms and derive their food from them
  2. 2. organisms that live on dead plants and animals and derive their food from them
  3. 5. plants plants that catch insects by ingenious methods are known as
  4. 7. leaves take in carbon dioxide from air through tiny pores on the bottom of the leaf called
  5. 8. nutrition nutrition where plants prepare food by themselves
  6. 11. ------ is a saprophyte