1. 1. solid waste that result from digestion
  2. 2. a basic component of food that nourishes the body
  3. 5. a characteristic or behavior that influences a persons chance of being injured or getting a disease
  4. 6. mixture of gastric juices and food formed int he stomach during digestion
  5. 7. the sum of the process by which a person takes in and uses food
  6. 13. custom foods
  7. 16. disorder in which many abnormal pouches form in the intestinal wall
  8. 17. reaction of the immune system to certain proteins found in food
  9. 18. beliefs and social customs of a group of people
  10. 19. a principle that tries to explain something that happens in nature
  11. 20. all the foods and beverages a person consumes
  12. 21. beliefs and attitudes that are important to people
  13. 24. packaging technology that preserves quality and extends shelf life.
  14. 26. a mainstay food in the diet
  15. 27. passage of nutrient from the digestive tract into the circulatory system
  16. 28. foods that have a social impact on others
  1. 1. typical standards and patterns related to food and eating behaviors
  2. 3. complex protein produced by cells to speed a specific chemical reaction in the body
  3. 4. foods that are typical of a given racial national or religious culture
  4. 8. the application of a certain body of knowledge
  5. 9. the fitness of the body
  6. 10. the average length of life of people living in the same environment
  7. 11. the state of the physical world, including the condition of water, air and food
  8. 12. traditional food of the african american ethnic group
  9. 14. digestive juice produced by the liver to aid fat digestion
  10. 15. frequent expulsion of watery feces
  11. 22. the way a person feels about himself/herself,life,and the world
  12. 23. the identification of a disease
  13. 25. foods prepared according to laws