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  1. 3. A snack food that comes in bags and we should not eat too much of
  2. 5. The abbreviation for carbohydrates, a macro nutrient
  3. 6. A food group
  4. 8. A type of fat often found in processed meats
  5. 10. A macro nutrient that helps build muscle tissue
  6. 11. Meat alternatives that come from trees
  7. 12. Products that provide us with calcium
  8. 13. We drink this throughout the day to stay hydrated.
  9. 14. The amount of energy we get from our food
  10. 15. A type of wheat that is not bleached
  11. 17. A white, refined substance that in excess, can lead to diabetes and obesity
  12. 19. The title of this crossword
  13. 21. The feeling when you need to drink something
  14. 22. A white additive we sprinkle on food to make it taste better
  1. 1. A micronutrient that helps keep us 'regular'
  2. 2. Most of us need 6-8 servings of these a day
  3. 4. A man and a micronutrient
  4. 5. A type of vegetable that is orange and rich in Vitamin A
  5. 7. Sometimes we are too __________ to think about our meals
  6. 9. A disease that can result from consuming too much sugar
  7. 16. The feeling when you need to eat something
  8. 18. The unit of measurement for protein and fat
  9. 20. There are about __ teaspoons of sugar in a can of soda