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  1. 3. a vitamin you can not digest
  2. 4. this squash is an eye protector
  3. 8. people who drink this with four cups a day are 23% less likely to get diabetes
  4. 9. what is the diet with out grain called
  5. 10. you have longer lasting energy with this candy bar than you do with an orange
  6. 11. canned foods are high in
  7. 12. the only outside source of McDonald's
  8. 13. this type of juice is a sleep aid
  9. 14. you get free radicals from
  10. 16. consuming 30 grams of this in each meal will help you gain more muscle
  11. 19. kool whip has a lot of
  12. 20. a food high in iron
  13. 23. fake health food has this on the label
  14. 24. you immune system is beat down by
  1. 1. this type of oil causes 25%more weight gain, higher in calories and cholesterol than coconut oil
  2. 2. men who drink this showed higher levels of beneficial gut bacteria and lower levels of a type of colostrum bacteria linked to bowel disease and colon cancer
  3. 5. a disease that makes you eat gluten free
  4. 6. these cloves that have sprouted contain more cancer fighters in it
  5. 7. the difference between Powerade and Gatorade is that Powerade has a lot of
  6. 13. its not safe to drink this kind of milk
  7. 15. the fruit that is high in fiber and gives you energy
  8. 17. found in orange, yellow an dark green veggies, might help fight off prostate cancer
  9. 18. this fruit is the best heart partner
  10. 21. you eat this vitamin with iron to help absorption
  11. 22. soda takes this vitamin out of your bones