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  1. 5. The 'good' type of cholesterol
  2. 8. A compound that protects other compounds from oxygen
  3. 9. The main nutrient that provides energy to the body
  4. 10. Beans are a vegetarian source for this nutrient
  5. 14. A lack of fibre can result in this uncomfortable illness
  6. 15. Vitamins such as folate and B12 are essential for DNA replication, known as this
  7. 19. The main sugar found in the body
  8. 21. All reactions in the body take place in this substance
  9. 22. Without enough iodine, an individual may develop this ugly deformity
  10. 23. Sodium plays a key role in regulating the body’s balance of this
  11. 24. A lack of a nutrient is known as this
  12. 27. Nutrient deliberately introduced to our tap water
  13. 28. Vitamin A’s main function is to maintain this
  14. 29. A good fat usually found in salmon and other fatty fish
  1. 1. Vitamin A is found in red, orange and yellow vegetables, such as this
  2. 2. Units of energy in food
  3. 3. Iodine assists in the formation of this hormone
  4. 4. Nutrient that helps to prevent the development of spina bifida in a foetus
  5. 5. Oil which goes through this process become trans fats
  6. 6. Iron forms this, which carries oxygen in the blood
  7. 7. The type of fat that comes mainly from meat
  8. 11. Nutrient that works with calcium to harden bones
  9. 12. These fats are solid at room temperature
  10. 13. Nutrient fortified in salt
  11. 15. A main source for Vitamin D
  12. 16. A word that describes vitamin’s ability to dissolve (either in fat or water)
  13. 17. Another name for fats
  14. 18. Another name for complex carbohydrates
  15. 20. Another name for salt
  16. 25. Vitamin C assists in the production of this
  17. 26. One of Vitamin B12's main functions is to maintain this system
  18. 30. This acid is the building blocks from which protein is made