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  1. 2. OFFICE will offer a range of exclusive ____________ footwear.
  2. 3. OFFICE has continued to expand its footprint in this country too?
  3. 4. OFFICE stores will have ____________ displays to entice customers.
  4. 7. In which mall is the first OFFICE store in South Africa opening?
  5. 8. The name OFFICE was born from the original team displaying products on old office ____________ .
  6. 9. One of the brands represented in OFFICE stores.
  7. 12. OFFICE has a strong focus on ____________ .
  8. 15. OFFICE continuously grows thanks to its brand offering, breadth of ____________ and strong focus on fashion.
  9. 16. in which month will the first OFFICE stores open up in South Africa?
  1. 1. One of the brands represented in OFFICE.
  2. 5. Who acquired OFFICE London in December 2015?
  3. 6. OFFICE is represented in more than 170 stores and it is represented on this platform too with large following on social media?
  4. 8. The differentiation factor for OFFICE is that there is a bigger focus on this gender?
  5. 10. One of the brands represented in OFFICE stores.
  6. 11. The OFFICE stores in South Africa will have this type of vibe?
  7. 13. One of the brands represented in OFFICE stores.
  8. 14. On what road did OFFICE open its first stand-alone store in 1984?