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Office supplies

  1. 1. a device that gives us light and it is located on the desk
  2. 2. a scanner that make use of a flat surface for scanning documents
  3. 3. usually large room where people are having meetings
  4. 5. people are usually reading, doing work or etc. on it
  5. 7. a large bloc that is used for presentations and you flip to the next page when you are done with that page
  6. 8. a machine that is making copies of the photo
  7. 10. a machine for casting something
  8. 12. a folder for documents which have arched ends that can be hung over rails for storage
  9. 15. a paper that is fixed to the wall and if you don't remeber what did you plan, for example, next weekend then you take look on that
  10. 16. a stucture that is dividing space in two parts
  11. 19. a part of body from shoulder to hand
  12. 20. small electronic device that we use for mathematics
  13. 21. a box that is usually located in desk and things are located in it
  14. 25. a device that is projecting pictures, videos, films or etc. from computer
  15. 26. chair a chair on what you can turn around over axis
  1. 1. a engagement diary
  2. 4. a bucket for waste
  3. 6. a box that where is usually located supplies for work
  4. 8. a machine that is printing texts or pictures
  5. 9. portable computer
  6. 10. a paper that show us what is date
  7. 11. a desktop computer terminal
  8. 13. a box that is usually located in desk and you are picking things from it
  9. 14. a aparat from which we are drinking cold water
  10. 17. a place in where files or documents can be easier to find
  11. 18. a text produced by computer printer
  12. 22. a board for displaying notice
  13. 23. a piece of sort of material that mouse is easier to control
  14. 24. a holder in which pen point fits