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Office supplies

  1. 3. several sheets of paper joined together along one edge, used for writing notes
  2. 5. a small object used for fastening pieces of paper with a staple
  3. 6. a small piece of electronic equipment used for doing calculations
  4. 7. writing device with a metall ball
  5. 8. a piece of soft material that you move a computer mouse around on
  6. 9. a small piece of coloured paper with a sticky substance on the back that is used for writing notes and temporarily sticking them on other papers and surfaces
  7. 11. a brightly coloured pen, used for marking important words on a document
  8. 12. a tool used for making something sharp
  9. 13. pin means for fixing paper to the wall
  10. 15. a white liquid used for covering mistakes in something that you are writing or typing
  1. 1. a tool for cutting paper, consisting of two blades joined in a cross that you open and shut like jaws
  2. 2. a small container with ink inside that you put into a printer or pen
  3. 4. a circle of elastic that you put around several things to hold them together
  4. 9. a small piece of bent wire used for holding pieces of paper together
  5. 10. a container on your desk where you keep documents and letters that are ready to be read or answered
  6. 14. this device used for removing pencil marks from paper