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Office words

  1. 5. a person who works in an office
  2. 6. is a table for studying and writing, usually with drawers.
  3. 7. it is under your mouse
  4. 9. it is where you sit on
  5. 10. they are usually white and you use them to write
  6. 11. where you put waste paper
  7. 16. a board where you write
  8. 17. a machine, usually attached to a computer, used to print words
  1. 1. it is a tool for cutting usually paper
  2. 2. it is used to hang up notice on the board
  3. 3. a book where you write address
  4. 4. a machine that helps you store, organize, and use information
  5. 8. a piece of furniture used to keep documents in
  6. 12. it is used for writing on paper.
  7. 13. a machine used to talk to someone who is far away
  8. 14. it is part of a computer or other similar machine, and it looks like a TV
  9. 15. this is part of a computer where you type letters