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  1. 3. __ from Stamford, Jim's Season 3 boss who left to take a job at Staples
  2. 5. Employee of the Michael Scott Paper Company who joined and quit within a few hours
  3. 8. Which branch did Michael and Holly reveal was closing during their skit?
  4. 10. Pam's mom's name
  5. 12. What is the name of the woman Stanley was having an affair with?
  6. 14. Where does Toby leave Dunder Mifflin to travel?
  7. 15. First word in name of another company in the building
  8. 18. Oscar's last name
  9. 21. __ Family Paper
  10. 22. Who is the only Scranton employee other than Michael that has dated two different Dunder Mifflin employees but has never been engaged?
  11. 23. David Wallace's son who plays the drums
  12. 24. Holly's last name
  13. 25. What Phyllis auctions off at Michael's auction
  1. 1. David Wallace's new business idea
  2. 2. First initials of all of the employees who have liked Pam, in alphabetical order
  3. 4. In one episode Stanley yells back at Michael, "Did I __?"
  4. 6. Who has rabies in season 4?
  5. 7. Where Michael and Jan went on vacation and stayed at Sandals
  6. 9. In Episode 1, Jim pranks Dwight by putting his stapler in what?
  7. 10. Security guard for the building
  8. 11. Only thing you ever see on Creed's screen
  9. 12. In the dinner party episode, Jan reveals she also dabbles in this business
  10. 13. Creed's last name
  11. 14. If Astrid had been a boy, Michael's name of choice was _.
  12. 16. Michael's realtor ex-girlfriend, who is played by Steve Carell's actual wife
  13. 17. Packer, the crass traveling salesman of Dunder Mifflin
  14. 19. Scranton employee who went to high school with Michael
  15. 20. Dunder Mifflin branch that Karen manages
  16. 24. What does Dwight put into the vent of the Michael Scott Paper Company to get back at them?