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Penny's crossword

  1. 2. in writing or stating a message.
  2. 5. health records created and stored on a computer or other electronic storage device.
  3. 6. what is the third step in SOAP.
  4. 8. a form that is used for general physical examination by health providers.
  5. 12. in medical terms the primary problem at the during a doctor's visit is know as?
  6. 13. the term used to describe a patient who does not follow medical advice he or she receives.
  7. 14. to examine and review a group of patient records for completeness and accuracy is called?
  8. 15. the type of audits that is performed by the medical staff.
  9. 16. the type of audits done by the government entities such as medicare or Medicaid.
  10. 17. allows each user's ability to work in certain areas of patient's electronic health record
  11. 21. the type of computerized records that is capable of reminding patients e.g. yearly checkups, follow-up care.
  12. 22. new patients basic information on medical visit.
  13. 24. medical records that is generated for individual patient created, managed and gathered in a manner that conforms to the nationally recognized interoperability standards so that it can be utilized by members of more that one healthcare.
  14. 25. patient medical records are also known as?
  1. 1. theterm used to refer to the information or data that is communicated by the patient.
  2. 3. the process of transforming spoken notes into accurate written form
  3. 4. datathat comes from the physician, examinations, and test results.
  4. 7. source Oriented medical records can sometimes be referred.
  5. 9. this are subjective or internal, conditions felt by the patient.
  6. 10. organization that review medical records to monitor whether the care provider and fees charged meet accepted standards.
  7. 11. the process of recording in the medical records.
  8. 12. a form of medical records documentation takes the SOAP format further, breaking it down into smaller components.
  9. 18. process of correcting an error in an electronic charting is called.
  10. 19. this are objective or external factors like blood pressure, rashes or swelling.
  11. 20. this includes a record of the patient's past medical history; information gained at the first interview with the patient.
  12. 23. A set of regulations whose goals is to improve healthcare usage, combating fraud and waste.