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People in Period 3/4

  1. 4. He likes to read and play video games
  2. 6. He likes to watch movies, travel, and studying sports history
  3. 7. She likes to bake, just started this summer and to read
  4. 9. He likes to play games and the piano
  5. 11. He likes to bike, hike, and playing video games; He went on a hike in the Santa Cruz mountains
  6. 13. He likes to watch movies and loves taking walks with his Grandpa
  7. 14. She likes to write and watch TV
  8. 17. He likes to do gaming and fencing and caught about 8 fish on a fishing trip
  9. 18. he likes being outside and playing basketball and reading mythology
  10. 20. He likes to play video games and enjoyed his birthday party!!!!
  11. 21. She likes to ski and play piano
  12. 22. He likes to play video games and blend 3-D models
  13. 23. She likes drawing people and gymnastics
  14. 25. He likes minecraft and reading
  1. 1. She likes to draw cartoons and play soccer
  2. 2. She likes to read, play roblox, and necklaces
  3. 3. She likes playing softball, read to do art
  4. 5. she likes to draw and enjoyed getting out of the house even if it was for a few minutes
  5. 8. He likes to read and play soccer
  6. 10. She likes to play piano and minecraft
  7. 12. She likes to paint
  8. 15. He likes playing games
  9. 16. She likes to swim and play softball and enjoyed going to a beach house
  10. 19. She likes to hang out with her friends and to swim; she also enjoyed a 2 day hike
  11. 24. She likes to watch movies and travel