Percy Jackson

  1. 2. Whats the name of Percy's best friend?
  2. 3. Where is the magical casino located where Percy, Annabeth and Grover lose track of time?
  3. 5. With what was Percy Jackson diagnosed before he found out about his powers?
  4. 7. Who is Annabeth's mom, which God?
  5. 8. What adjective does Percy use to describe his stepfather?
  6. 9. Percy isn't a God he's a ...-god.
  7. 11. To which God is Percy Jackson related?
  1. 1. What is the name of the huge threeheaded Rottweiler?
  2. 3. Who framed Percy's dad, Poseidon?
  3. 4. What's the name of Percy's mom?
  4. 6. Hades wants his helm back, The Helm of ...
  5. 10. Of what is Percy's former latin teacher and Mr Brunner, Chiron the god?