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Percy Jackson

  1. 5. Who is Percy’s half-brother?
  2. 6. What is the name of Reyna’s pegasus that she puts down?
  3. 7. What does Leo throw to press the elevator button when fighting Clytius?
  4. 8. What color does Percy like his food?
  5. 9. What goddess does Percy almost kill with poison?
  6. 11. Where does Bianca die?
  7. 13. Who is the pegasus that adopts Reyna as her rider?
  8. 15. What does Bob eat at the Shrine of Hermes that is located in Tartarus?
  9. 17. How does Festus die?
  10. 18. What is Percy’s fatal flaw?
  11. 19. What is Percy’s pegasus’ favorite food?
  12. 21. What animal’s sound does Coach Hedge’s bullhorn blare on the bus?
  1. 1. What does Festus mean?
  2. 2. Who is the son of Jupiter?
  3. 3. What is Percy’s favorite food?
  4. 4. Who does Annabeth impersonate on Polyphemus’s island?
  5. 6. What does the farmer god threaten to change Frank into?
  6. 10. Who does Annabeth like at the beginning of the series?
  7. 12. Who do Reyna’s sister lead?
  8. 14. Who is the venti that attacks Jason, Piper, and Leo at the Grand Canyon?
  9. 16. What is Gleeson Hedge’s favorite weapon?
  10. 20. Who does Gleeson Hedge smack, causing him to break his weapon?