1. 3. Force of attraction between two objects.
  2. 5. kind of force that acts from a distance.
  3. 7. this class of lever has the fulcrum in the middle
  4. 9. the upward push exerted on an object immersed in a liquid or gas.
  5. 12. the si unit of _____ is joule or newton-meter.
  6. 14. the _____ of an object is defined as the product of its mass and velocity.
  7. 16. this class of lever has the load in the middle
  8. 17. This is the force between two electric charges
  9. 18. The magnitude of a force is measured in.
  10. 20. Forces can be measured by this kind of
  11. 21. this make the use of the turning effect of forces to work.
  1. 1. Forces can change the______ of moving objects
  2. 2. a force can also turn an object about a fixed point know as a pivot or.
  3. 4. the force you exert
  4. 6. A force is a
  5. 8. the number types of levers.
  6. 10. this class of lever has the Effort in the middle.
  7. 11. A force is also a
  8. 13. the force that the object exerts back on you.
  9. 15. Types of force that resists motion.
  10. 19. the pull of string, rope or spring.