1. 1. a path along which the whole current flows through each component
  2. 3. The tendency of an object
  3. 7. the rate at which velocity changes
  4. 9. the distance an object travels per unit of time
  5. 13. speed in a given direction
  6. 14. the form of an energy associated with the position and motion of an object
  7. 16. The highest surface part of a wave
  8. 17. the force that pulls objects toward each other
  9. 19. a push or pull
  10. 21. the amount of matter in an object
  11. 23. total potential and kinetic energy of the particles in an object
  12. 24. the distance in the line of advance of a wave from any one point to the next point of corresponding phase.
  1. 2. relating to a magnetic field produced by an electric current.
  2. 4. the throwing back by a body or surface of light, heat, or sound without absorbing it.
  3. 5. Force upward force on a submerged object
  4. 6. a disturbance from one place to another
  5. 8. an object in motion will stay in constant motion, unless it's acted upon by an unbalanced force
  6. 10. the overall force of an object when all the individual forces acting on it are added
  7. 11. Energy the potential energy stored in chemical bonds
  8. 12. the change in direction of a wave passing from one medium to another
  9. 14. the magnetic moments are aligned with one another because of interactions between molecules or atoms.
  10. 15. the force acting on its gravity
  11. 18. motion in which all points on a wave oscillate along paths at right angles to the direction of the wave's advance.
  12. 20. The speed of sound is the distance travelled per unit of time
  13. 22. gravity's force on an object