1. 4. The rate at which force does work may be measured in ______?
  2. 7. the bending of a wave around an obstacle is known as _____?
  3. 9. If you double the mass of an object what happens to the inertia?
  4. 12. The energy of light is carried in discrete units of ______?
  5. 13. A sound wave is also known as what type of wave?
  6. 15. In beta decay, the mass number remains unchanged, and the atomic number is decreased by ____?
  7. 18. Blank equilibrium represents an object at rest.
  8. 21. Which type of photon is emitted when an electron in a Hydrogen atom drops from n=2 to n=1?
  9. 22. How many sigfigs are in 1.067087000?
  10. 24. The amount of energy that must be added in order to separate the nucleus into its component nucleons? (two words)
  11. 27. An object travels for 4 seconds at 20m/s, how far does it travel in meters?
  12. 30. The energy of a photon at the _______ _______ is just sufficient to break the bonds holding the electron to the surface of a material.
  13. 33. As the angle of two concurrent forces decrease from 180, the magnitude of their resultant forces _______.
  14. 34. Work is measured in the same units as ______?
  15. 35. As a ball falls freely toward the Earth, the momentum of the Earth-ball system will _____? (three words)
  1. 1. a wave that requires a material medium for transmission.
  2. 2. An atomic mass unit is approximately equal to the mass of a _____?
  3. 3. A cart is moving with a constant velocity, what is the net force acting on the cart. Assume that there is no friction?
  4. 5. When light is passed through a prism and separated into its component colors.
  5. 6. What is the si unit for mass?
  6. 8. The components of the nucleus.
  7. 10. A glass rod _____ electrons when it is rubbed with silk.
  8. 11. The work done in moving a unit charge between two points in an electric field. (two words)
  9. 14. Will a moving charge induce a magnetic field?
  10. 16. Impulse is a _____ quantity?
  11. 17. What is the would be the resultant force of the two concurrent forces 2N and 4N?
  12. 19. the cross sectional area of a metallic conductor is quadrupled, and the length is doubled, the resistance will be ______?
  13. 20. The direction of an objects momentum is the same as its ______?
  14. 23. What quantity is formed by a graph of velocity vs time?
  15. 25. The observed color of a light depends on its ______?
  16. 26. Gravitational force is a(n) ______ force
  17. 28. As the distance between two opposite magnetic poles increases, the flux density midway between them ______?
  18. 29. Electrical conductivity in liquid solutions depends on the presence of ________
  19. 30. A girl travels 15 meters west and 15 meters south. What is the magnitude of her total displacement rounded to the nearest tens place?
  20. 31. If the mass of an object is lowered, the centripetal force required to keep it moving in the same circular path will ________?
  21. 32. The electrical force between two charged objects is directly proportional to the product of the quantity of charge on the objects and inversely proportional to the square of the separation distance between the two objects is what law?