1. 2. These come together to make a glue ball.
  2. 3. Three of these make a proton.
  3. 4. Net change in position
  4. 6. This can be measured in Hertz.
  5. 7. When something is thrown, it is called a ______.
  6. 9. r x F = ?
  7. 11. This is an astronomical object that is very, VERY massive.
  8. 15. Hs
  9. 16. This describes momentum, energy, charge, spin, and mass.
  10. 19. What type of mathematical object is speed, energy, time, and mass?
  11. 20. This is an object that goes through nuclear fusion.
  12. 21. This is another (and more colloquial) name for force due to gravity.
  13. 22. This will annihilate with matter, typically forming light.
  14. 23. This is a fake medium that people used to think light propagated through.
  1. 1. This is a type of energy that is fully dependent on position.
  2. 3. This is a field of physics that describes the super small.
  3. 5. This is a man who created a famous equation in quantum physics. (RIP Fluffy the cat)
  4. 7. This is energy over time.
  5. 8. This is a field of physics describing moving charges.
  6. 10. What is measured in meters per second?
  7. 12. This is a type of energy fully dependent on speed.
  8. 13. ___=ma
  9. 14. This occurs in a harmonic system such as a swing or a pendulum when you apply a force at a "natural" frequency.
  10. 17. This is a contact force that is always perpendicular to a surface.
  11. 18. This man created a law that describes springs.