1. 2. An object at rest remains at rest, and an object in motion remains in motion at constant speed and in a straight line unless acted on by an unbalanced force
  2. 3. An object that is moving only because of the action of gravity
  3. 4. the force on an object on a circular path that keeps the object moving on the path
  4. 9. a type of relationship, where the second differences within y coordinates are equal
  5. 10. a force capable of balancing another force and producing equilibrium
  6. 12. the size, length, or amount of something
  7. 14. the vector sum of two or more vectors
  8. 17. when all external forces (including moments) acting on it are balanced
  9. 20. A point from which a body or an object starts moving
  10. 23. the path an object follows as it moves through space
  11. 24. the velocity of an object with respect to another observer
  12. 25. Force the sum of all the forces acting on an object
  13. 27. apply a force to (something) which tends to stretch it
  14. 28. the location of an object at any given timemeasures the length between objects or points without regard for direction
  15. 32. a method for identifying the location of a point on the earth
  16. 34. a property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless that state is changed by an external force
  17. 36. The amount of time between two given times
  18. 37. The push or pull on an object with mass causes it to change its velocity
  19. 39. number that are used to express it to the required degree of accuracy, starting from the first nonzero digit
  20. 40. Each part of the two-dimensional vector
  1. 1. the resistance force of a fluid
  2. 5. variation does not depend on that of another.
  3. 6. quantity of something
  4. 7. quantities that only have magnitude
  5. 8. the branch of science concerned with the nature and properties of matter and energy
  6. 11. a force that keeps an object at rest
  7. 13. a force that acts between moving surfaces
  8. 15. the quality or state of being correct or precise
  9. 16. value depends on that of another.
  10. 18. a process where one vector is broken down into two or more smaller vectors
  11. 19. the acceleration of an object moving in uniform circular motion—resulting from a net external force
  12. 21. the location of an object at any given time
  13. 22. the quality, condition, or fact of being exact and accurate
  14. 26. change in position of an object
  15. 29. F=ma
  16. 30. rate of change of velocity
  17. 31. a supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation.
  18. 33. any object thrown into space upon which the only acting force is gravity
  19. 35. for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction
  20. 38. a quantity that has both magnitude and direction