1. 1. camera used to record video with messages
  2. 4. app is an instant messaging app for smartphones that operates under subscription business model
  3. 6. used to still updated even if it's brownout
  4. 8. is an image hosting and video hosting website
  5. 11. is an online friendly photo sharing video sharing and so on
  6. 13. it is an mobile messaging and voice calling app with social networking and game features
  7. 16. make a beeping sound especially a simple computer
  8. 17. used in texting
  9. 18. follow blogs you been sharing about
  10. 21. immediate and intimate way to connect and follow friends
  11. 23. is an online communication like texting mobile phones
  12. 25. one of the first dating mobile people discovery app
  13. 26. mail it is a social media website and it is one of the most popular sites in the united states
  14. 28. application software that specialize providing video chat, video call
  1. 2. it has near communication
  2. 3. is an internet based instant messaging app that supports free sms or texting messaging
  3. 5. is an online social network service that enables user to send short messages called tweets
  4. 7. lets you send free messages as well make free calls
  5. 9. is a free mobile instant messaging app for smartphones with free text and free call
  6. 10. used to communicated and stay updated in whats news
  7. 12. used to announced important news
  8. 14. that permit to or more users to conduct a conversation when they are not in the same vicinity if each other to be heard directly
  9. 15. to imitate other machine to extend, thinking to have fun
  10. 18. free messenger service that allows to connect with those whom matter most to you send
  11. 19. voice communication and multimedia session
  12. 20. a wireless telecommunications device also known as beeper
  13. 22. space base satellite navigation system that provides location and time
  14. 24. short for electronic mail
  15. 27. chat is a mobile text and voice messaging communication service
  16. 29. it is landline telephone