1. 3. rise/run it gives you velocity on a position time graph
  2. 4. if a car is slowing down at a red light, it is showing ________
  3. 5. a scalar quantity that refers to how fast an object is displacing
  4. 7. a quantity with both magnitude and direction
  5. 8. positive rate of change in velocity
  6. 13. is represented by a straight line on a position time graph
  7. 14. puts a cap on maximum velocity of gravity on earth
  8. 16. represents non uniform motion on position time graph
  9. 18. attraction force between 2 objects
  10. 19. a scalar quanity, the time elapsed during an event
  1. 1. a number value that reperesents the size or length of a quantity
  2. 2. is the average velocity in a position time graph
  3. 4. a vector quanitity that shows how much an object moves from a point of reference
  4. 6. that describes the length of a ath between 2 points
  5. 8. a vector quanity that represents the point of a location relative to a point of origin
  6. 9. a quantity with only magnitude
  7. 10. a vector quantity that shows the rate at which an object displaces and its direction
  8. 11. the rate if change in position for a time interval
  9. 12. negative rate of change in velocity
  10. 15. When there is no acceleration the velocity is _______
  11. 17. vector quantities contain magnitude and ________