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Pivot Point Chapter 10 Hairstyling 12

  1. 5. On-base control is used to produce a ? or strong curl effect or, when used in a series, to create a strong wave line.
  2. 7. The hair is smoothed to create a ? like effect.
  3. 9. To set a straight shape, the diameter and length of the roller are used to ? the base size.
  4. 10. ? are used to set the hair and can achieve many of the same effects that are achieved with pincurls.
  5. 11. ? rollers usually produce curlier effects.
  6. 13. ? or semi-stand-up pincurls create a blend or transition from areas of volume to areas of closeness.
  7. 16. With ?-base control, the stem and circle are positioned below the base and pick-up line.
  8. 18. With ? base control, the circle sits in the upper portion of the base.
  9. 20. ? pincurls are used to create a hollow space and flare.
  10. 22. Off-base control is used when design ? and mobility is required, usually in the nape area or along the hairline.
  11. 26. A wave pattern that combines fingerwaves and flat pincurls is called a ? wave.
  12. 27. The ? of rollers, are chosen according to the desired curl pattern.
  13. 29. ? base shapes are usually used within an overall square shape.
  1. 1. ? pincurls are used to create closeness.
  2. 2. ? rollers are usually used within straight shapes such as rectangles and triangles.
  3. 3. The most efficient way to set rollers within a curvature shape is to use cone-shaped or ? rollers.
  4. 4. Overdirection creates ? direction.
  5. 6. One roller, depending on its length, ? the same amount of hair as two to four stand-up pincurls.
  6. 8. Setting with rollers allows you to set the hair with ? which will result in a firmer, longer-lasting set.
  7. 12. With ? base control the circle sits on the lower portion of the base.
  8. 14. ? base shapes are usually used within an overall square shape.
  9. 15. Half-off base control is used when an equal degree of predetermined direction and ? is required.
  10. 17. Volume pincurls are used to create ?.
  11. 19. Underdirected base control results in ? volume.
  12. 21. A correct ?-base control requires that the entire circle of the curl be positioned on the base.
  13. 23. One oblong followed by a row of pincurls is called a ? curl.
  14. 24. In ?-off base control, half of the circle is positioned below the base and pick-up line.
  15. 25. ? also known as arc, curved, half-moon or C shaped base; used within curvature shapes such as circles and oblongs.
  16. 28. ? base shapes are used within straight shapes and along the hairline, alternating triangles helps to avoid splits.